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We are Grand Rapids spray-on liner! The best spray on liner for all your protective coating needs! The Vortex material is a polyurethane and polyurea mix! Sprayed on with a low pressure system to a thickness of an 1/8 in. It  is designed to seal of cracks and to protect! It also is used for sound and vibration deadening.The Vortex material is so strong, when it is applied to a cinder block and dropped of a high building onto a concrete parking lot, it does not break! The Vortex material does not have a hard or gritty surface! It has a softer  and bumpy textured surface  for grip. With out losing its strength and durability! We have such a strong  trust for the Vortex material, that we back it with a limited lifetime warranty! We will strive to give you the best and friendly service you deserve!
The picture in the top right is out of trucking magazine august 2002-volume28, number8!
The picture on the bottom right  is from the show two guys  garage episodes 301,302,405 and 409!

WHY is Vortex™ The Choice in Spray On Liners?

Here are just a few of the advantages of a Vortex™ liner over a typical drop in liner.

  • Seals the truck bed for an airtight seal and prevents rust corrosion and oxidation of the truck surface. Since it bonds directly to the EXACT contours of the truck, no moisture can be trapped between the Vortex™ liner and the truck bed as with a drop in liner.
  • The Vortex™ liner will actually strengthen your truck bed and also insulate the truck from outside road noise. Helps eliminate vibration, absorbs impact from heavy loads such as bricks, tools and supplies and virtually eliminates the possibility of denting the inside of your truck bed.
  • Adheres directly to the truck so it can't be stolen, lifted out or removed. Your truck protection is always there.
  • Unlike a drop in liner, the Vortex™ liner won't crack, split, tear, rot, corrode, warp or vibrate and sand down your truck.
  • Can be applied directly and exactly where you want it. Around 5th wheel plates, light bars and any accessories you don't want Vortexed™.
  • No excess space is taken up as with drop in liners. You can maximize the full truck bed for usage.
  • No fastening or screws to worry about. It bonds permanently to your truck walls, bed and tailgate.
  • Ultra-Violet system helps prevent damage from sunlight radiation.
  • Increases the value of your truck.

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